Kardashian’s husband “took off his red hat” and denied Trump: I came to win

Rapper Kanye West, husband of American secular diva of Armenian descent Kim Kardashian, said that he no longer supports Donald Trump and enters the presidential race to win it. This new competitor to the current owner of the White House told in an interview published by Forbes magazine today, July 8.

West and Kardashian were previously considered active supporters of Trump, whom they visited at the White House. However, after the tragic incident in the US Minneapolis, which received a worldwide resonance, where African American George Floyd died as a result of police arbitrariness, the star couple, as you can understand, decided to radically revise their political preferences. The black rapper, who announced last Saturday on July 4, US Independence Day, about his presidential ambitions, made it clear in a conversation with Forbes that he intends to challenge Trump seriously.

“In this interview, I take off my red hat,” West said, referring to Trump’s red baseball cap that says Make America Great Again (“Make America Great Again.” – Ed.), In which he ran his previous election campaign in 2016 . “Like everything I’ve ever done in my life, I do it to win (in the elections).”

West admitted to Forbes that he had a Covid-19 coronavirus infection in February and would be “suspicious of any vaccines” designed to combat this and other similar diseases. Thus, according to Western media, the African-American rapper “repeated the false theories that link vaccination of the population with impaired development of children.”

“When they say they are going to overcome Covid-19 with a vaccine, I am extremely careful … This is a sign of the beast. They want to put chips into us, they want to do everything so that we cannot cross the gates of heaven, ”West said.
It should be noted that, among all other countries, the decision of the spouse Kardashian to be elected as the American president was most pleased, perhaps, in Armenia. However, here, judging by the latest comments by local authors, they are quite soberly assessing West’s chances to defeat Trump.