KFC will 3D print chicken nuggets

Fast-food chain KFC is adding 3D printed chicken nuggets to its menu. The basis of the product is laboratory-grown meat.

The fast-food chain has officially announced its partnership with Russian research lab 3D Printing Solutions to develop technology for what the partners call “the meat of the future.” In other words, these are printed nuggets made from cultured meat.

Not only will it be a first of its kind, but it will also look and taste like the original KFC chicken. 3D-printed production will become more sustainable and cheaper than standard meat.

According to the press release, 3D Bioprinting Solutions is working to “develop an additive bioprinting technology using chicken cells and plant material to reproduce the taste and texture of the original material.” Exactly when Americans will be able to try the printed version of chicken is not yet clear, but it will not happen until 2021.