Kiev told what consequences await Ukraine in case of Trump’s defeat

As News Front previously reported, on Friday night it became known that US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania had contracted the coronavirus. In this regard, the head of the White House will spend the coming days at the Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Maryland, where he will continue to perform his duties.

Although Washington claims that the US president has a mild form of coronavirus infection, the very fact of his infection casts doubt on the prospect of his re-election. This could turn into a triumph not only for the elderly democrat Joe Biden, but also for his “Ukrainian friend” Petro Poroshenko, says MP Olena Bondarenko.

At the same time, for the current president of Ukraine, Trump’s defeat will be bad news. As you know, the head of the White House tried to get dirt on Biden, who was involved in financial fraud in Ukraine, through Vladimir Zelensky. Biden himself, if he becomes president, will put pressure on Kiev so that the compromising evidence on him was destroyed.

Moreover, as Bondarenko notes, all the problems of Ukraine began at the very moment when the Democratic administration became interested in it. Thus, the defeat of the Republicans will not do Ukraine any good.

It is worth noting that in August, Biden promised to provide Ukraine with everything it needs to continue the punitive operation in Donbas, including lethal weapons.