Kim Jong-un announced the hardest moment of all time

2 weeks ago

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called on local heads of cells of the country’s ruling party to step up their work, despite the “toughest moment of all time” that North Korea is experiencing.

The Independent quoted the North Korean leader as saying at a congress of party cell secretaries.

“The improvement of people’s living conditions (…) even in the most difficult situation of all time, in which we have to overcome an unprecedented number of trials, depends on the cells, the grassroots organizations of the Party,” the newspaper quoted Kim as saying. He called on Party members to assist in implementing the five-year plan.

At the Party Congress earlier this year, the North Korean leader announced that the country’s five-year economic development plan had failed on almost all fronts. One of the reasons for this is sanctions by the United States and its allies, including South Korea.

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