Kim Jong-un disappeared again

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un disappeared again: he did not appear in public for more than a week. This is indicated by the Yonhap News Agency.

It is noted that his last appearance took place on June 7, when the country’s leader was present at a meeting of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. The Yonhap News Agency indicates that at this time, his sister, Kim Yo-jung, makes statements almost every day condemning the actions of South Korea.

The agency believes that the leader’s sister is unlikely to act without the approval of Kim Jong-un. So, in a recent statement, she said that she “exercises power authorized by the supreme leader”, referring to her brother. It is assumed that the head of the DPRK deliberately pulled away from the tense situation in relations between Pyongyang and Seoul. Thus, he allegedly leaves the opportunity for a new settlement.

North Korea again gathered to send troops into the demilitarized zone on the border with South Korea. Seoul said that it was ready to toughly respond to the military provocations of the DPRK and attempts to destabilize the situation on the Korean peninsula.

On June 16, North Korea blew up an inter-Korean communications center in the border town of Kaesong. This happened shortly after it became known about Pyongyang’s plans to strengthen the border with its southern neighbors. The Korean unification minister explained that the North Korean side had planned the explosion in advance and openly announced it: a few days before the incident, the DPRK leader’s sister Kim Yo Jung called the inter-Korean hub useless.