Kim Jong-un’s sister was demoted

Kim Jong-un's sister was demoted

The younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-jeong, was not included in the renewed politburo approved at the congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea (TPK).

Kim Yo-jeong has been a Politburo member since 2017. The North Korean leader’s sister lost her status in a party vote held on Sunday, January 10: She remained a member of the TPK Central Committee, but was not a member of its Politburo.

The paper noted that the demotion of Kim Yo-jeong, long considered the second person in the country, may be a signal that she has lost her former influence and power. This stands in stark contrast to South Korean intelligence reports that Kim Jong-un has delegated some of his powers to his younger sister.

Earlier it was reported that Kim Jong-un was elected general secretary at the 8th Congress of the TPK in Pyongyang. South Korean political analyst Meng Chu-Seok of the Foundation for the Future of the Korean Peninsula said this shows that unlimited power has been concentrated in the hands of Kim Jong-Un.

The sister of the DPRK leader has been called a powerful player in North Korea. In her home country, she is called a “princess,” although she acts like a Terminator, the New York Post wrote.