Kim Kardashian pays for treatment for victims of rubber bullets

11 months ago

Reality star and model Kim Kardashian West uses her wealth and influence to help protesters who were hit by rubber bullet attacks.

The 39-year-old mother of four on Twitter and Instagram posted a photo of a young girl whose eyes and face were injured after being hit by a rubber bullet during a protest after the death of George Floyd. The wounds of the girl were permanent – she lost her eyesight, she will have scars.

“This is heartbreaking and so alarming. Does anyone know how I can contact her? I would like to help her with her medical help if she needs it, ”the star wrote. She was contacted by a girl from Louisville, and it later became known that Kardashian decided to pay for her treatment.

A week of raging protests across the country after a 46-year-old African-American was killed in Minneapolis – a policeman crushed his neck with his knee and held for more than 8 minutes.

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