“Kind of ran into a truck”: an Australian told how he survived a shark attack

"Kind of ran into a truck": an Australian told how he survived a shark attack

In Australia, a 29-year-old surfer was attacked by a large white shark. The incident occurred on the island of Kangaroo. The wounded man not only managed to swim to the shore, but also walked about a kilometer to get medical help, reports local TV channel 9News.

The surfer was hospitalized. Feldsher Michael Rushbee said the Australian had serious cuts on his back, buttocks and leg. They were consistent with a fairly large shark bite. Nevertheless, the man managed to escape.

“I feel incredibly happy. I am grateful to the doctors and hope that in a few days I will be fully recovered,” said the surfer. He added that the shark bite was “like a collision with a truck.

According to statistics from the Australian Nature Conservation Society Taronga, eight fatal shark attacks occurred in the waters of the Green Continent first of the year.

Recall that in late November it became known that for the first time in 60 years, a shark attacked a man in the Gold Coast beach area.