7 days ago

King of Jordan: the rebellion was nipped in the bud

7 days ago

In Jordan, a rebellion has been put down in its infancy. This statement was made by King Abdullah II during his address to the nation.

“I assure you that the rebellion has been nipped in the bud. The challenge of these last days has not been the most dangerous for the stability of the country, but it has been the most painful for me. Nothing can compare to the shock, pain and anger I felt as a brother, as head of the family and as a leader,” King Abdullah said.

According to him, the anti-government conspiracy uncovered by the intelligence services involved “both internal and external forces.” He also added that his brother, Prince Hamza bin Hussein, who was involved in preparing the coup, “is with his family in his palace.”

“He has pledged to follow the path of his parents and grandparents, to be faithful to the interests of Jordan, its Constitution and laws.”

Recall that Prince Hamza was detained on the night of April 3 to 4. He and 20 other people were accused of “threatening the stability of the country. The relative of the monarch denied that a conspiracy was being prepared and that he was a participant in illegal actions.

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