Kosovo President Hashim Thachi to be interrogated in The Hague about war crimes

On July 13, the president of the partially recognized Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thachi, traveled to the Netherlands to participate in interrogation by international prosecutors. He was charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

This was reported by Reuters.

On June 24, a special prosecutor’s office in The Hague, engaged in the uprising of Kosovo against Serbian rule in 1998-99, said it had charged Taci, former parliamentary speaker Kadri Veseli and others with murders, enforced disappearances, harassment and torture.

Both Tachi and Veseli, who served as chief commanders in the former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), rejected the allegations.

Tachi wrote on Facebook that on Monday he will go to The Hague and is ready to adequately meet international justice.

The Chamber of Specialists was established in The Hague in 2015 to address cases of alleged crimes by UAC partisans during the war that had previously led to Kosovo’s independence from Serbia.

To date, about 250 people have been interviewed.

The charges against Tachi and Vesel are not definitive.

Accusations of Tachi, Vesel and others also include about 100 cases of murder.

The special chamber is governed by the laws of Kosovo, but international judges and prosecutors work in it.