Lakers Star Russell Westbrook Flashes Exchange Speculation With Latest Move

Russell Westbrook has been embroiled in trade squabbles for the majority of his time in The Los Angeles Lakers and the controversial point guard has sparked speculation that a change might be in the works by deleting his social media prior to the team’s preseason game on Monday.

Westbrook removed his Instagram account to its bare bones that also removed everything that was associated with the Lakers. What’s noteworthy about the change is the timing and the possibility of a trade that involved Westbrook that was making headlines.

The story was made that by Shams Charania Sam Amick and Jovan Buha from The Athletic that the possibility that Westbrook getting traded in the next few months and weeks “remains real. In addition before the start of training camp the team seriously considered making a move for Westbrook as well as unprotected first-round draft picks for 2027-2029, to the Pacers in exchange for centers Myles Turner as well as Guard Buddy Hield.

The Lakers chose not to play the lottery on what’s an all-in deal, preferring instead to wait for Westbrook and his relationship with Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

Lakers Made Stance on Trade First-Round Picks Clear

Although it appears that the team will stay with Westbrook for the moment the general Manager Rob Pelinka made it clear that the club will do all that it can to make the roster better.

“One aspect that should be clarified is that there are a lot of speculations about whether they trade their picks? Will the Lakers swap their selections? Do they want to make trades with their players?” Pelinka said during the media conference. “Let me make it transparent: We have one of the best athletes in the form of LeBron James who has ever play the game and he’s committed to us on a long-term agreement which is a three-year agreement. Of course, we will do all we can including picks to create agreements that allow us to assist LeBron reach his goal. He has made a commitment to our team. This is an unilateral commitment and it’s in place.”

For Westbrook, he’s said everything he should have said in the lead-up to the season , despite endless reports.

“Whether they’d like me there and/or not really doesn’t need to be a factor,” Westbrook said. “My job is to act as professionally dressed and arrive for work just as I have been doing for years.”

Westbrook’s Role as Starter Still Uncertain

The Lakers are playing around with their new roster, and the possibility of Westbrook getting from the bench could be a possibility. The forward is coming off a season in which he averaged 18.5 points and 7.4 rebound and 7.1 assists, but was unable to establish consistency. Westbrook was suspended during crucial times during important games, and that did not go over well for the MVP of his former team.

Westbrook began Monday’s preseason game against the Kings however head coach Darvin Ham has made it explicit that the team is equipped with choices.

“We’re still a ways off. There are a lot of options available,” Ham said at Lakers media day. “We made a deal with Dennis [Schroder], we signed Pat Bev, we got healthy Kendrick Nunn and Russ himself. Austin Reaves. We have a range of options for our bench.”

There’s still plenty to work out regarding Westbrook’s future. But at present the teen will be wearing gold and purple even when he’s not posting it via social networks.

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