Lana Del Rey named the release date of the new album and criticized contemporary singers

12 months ago

American singer Lana Del Rey said her new album will be released September 5 this year

She wrote about it in her Instagram account.

The singer also denounced the double standards in the music industry that discriminate against women and their creativity, noting that she was tired of women in the music industry accusing her of glorifying violence.

“Now that Doja Cat, Ariana, Camila, Cardie B, Kelani, Nicky Minaj and Beyonce are number one for songs about being sexy and not wearing clothes, about sex, cheating and the like, I can get back to songs about self-realization, feeling beautiful because of being in love, even if things are not going smoothly in a relationship, or about dancing for money, or anything else – and not being crucified or criticized for allegedly romanticizing violence? ” – Lana wrote.

In addition, the star has announced the release of two poetry collections. She added that she is currently negotiating with Simon & Schuster publishing house, and will tell the details of the book release later.

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