Large global companies began a boycott of social networks in the United States

A number of major global companies and well-known brands began to boycott American social networks due to racism associated with recent protests in the United States.

Large global companies have decided to punish US social networks with the “ruble”, refusing to advertise on these social networks for an indefinite or long term. Every day more and more famous brands join the boycott. Among them: Coca-Cola, Verizon, Unilever, Pepsi-Co, Starbucks and many others.

Global manufacturers believe that the leadership of these social networks does not fight racism, does not delete or block messages that cause aggression or racism.

Note that the case concerns the American protests that broke out after the murder by police of Minneapolis of the African American George Floyd.

Large world manufacturers are massively taking the side of the protesters, for example, they are already removing the name of the Eskimo ice cream, since, in their opinion, it is racist in relation to the Eskimos. The largest manufacturer of cosmetics, the French company L’Oreal, has gathered to remove the words “white” and “brightening” from the name of its creams, and the largest global corporation Unilever, which produces consumer goods from washing powders to ketchups and mayonnaise, recently announced that it will also remove from the name of their products the words “white”, “light”, etc.

Naturally, not everyone agrees with such “schizophrenia”. Moreover, it is precisely these things that these companies declare that there is real racism, only in relation to whites.

All protests in the United States, which initially began as protests against racism, turned into real racism and discrimination, but with respect to the white population of the United States, and in general, to the white color of the skin.

There is a standard political model for such cases, a minority, using a specific reason, in this case the tragic death of George Floyd, is trying to impose its vision of the world on the majority. The white population of America, already in arms, is defending itself and its homes, to which there are numerous videos of evidence, evidence and facts.

If this is strengthened, as these major global manufacturers are doing now, starting boycotts and removing the word “white” from the names of their goods, then a real civil war will simply break out in the USA.

The death of George Floyd in the United States is certainly a blatant, tragic fact, indeed, a manifestation of American racism. But this cannot be the reason for the start of racism in relation to whites and all white. In this way, it is impossible to combat racism as a phenomenon, but it is only possible to strengthen it and aggravate the split in American society on the basis of racial discrimination.