Large parents died from a coronavirus. Their five children are now orphans

A mother and father from Los Angeles died of coronavirus in one day. As a result, their five minor children became orphans.

38-year-old Karina Bonilla died on Monday, June 8, and her 60-year-old husband, Umberto Ruelas-Rivas, died a day earlier. The man also has two adult daughters from another marriage. “Six days later, I lost my father,” says the daughter of Ruelas-Rivas, 35-year-old Maria Ruelas, from Downey. “And after eight hours, I lost my stepmother.”

And now I have five children. ” Ruelas believes her stepmother was infected with a coronavirus by the fruit seller she worked for. He had symptoms, but they decided not to isolate themselves. “She went to work and less than a week later symptoms began to appear,” said Ruelas. “She returned home, and then my father fell ill.”

Ruelas, who is now engaged, said she was trying to get legal custody of her brothers and sisters – and “happy to do so in memory of her father.” She also cares for her 30-year-old sister, who was hospitalized with coronavirus and suffered a stroke. “It will be a fight,” said Ruelas. “I don’t have my own children, and now I know why.”