Laser for Internet transmission: Elon Musk’s satellites will be equipped with a unique communication system

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has temporarily suspended its program of mass launches of Internet satellites into Earth’s orbit. The developers have begun to equip the devices with special communication laser modules. The Starlink satellite constellation was last dispatched on June 30th, and the month-long hiatus has raised questions from the community.

The head of the company, Gwynne Shotwell, recently announced that new optical communication systems will allow satellites to create a single high-speed Internet network between themselves and between transmitters on the Earth’s surface.

“We are now launching several laser terminals into space. That’s why we had difficulties for 6-8 weeks – we wanted the next set to include laser terminals, ”explained Shotwell.

Note that an experimental batch of laser satellites was launched into space at the beginning of the year. The system has demonstrated its high efficiency. The key advantage is the elimination of a large number of ground operator stations.

In addition, the range of signal transmission is significantly increased, which in the future will allow the Internet to be carried out to the most inaccessible corners of the planet. Today, 1,600 Starlink satellites are in orbit. In addition, the company has already announced that it intends to increase its satellite grouping to 42 thousand devices.