1 week ago

Lavrov called the U.S. policy on Russia stupid

1 week ago

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the line, which is held by Washington in respect of Moscow stupid. He said this after talks with Kazakh Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tleuberdi.

“Even such a pro-Washington structure as the Atlantic Council already publishes materials that criticize the absolutely dead-end line of the United States with regard to Russia, and maybe even dumb,” the head of the department remarked.

According to him, such a line does not bring any results in terms of the previously declared government goals, including during the imposition of sanctions.

In March, it was reported that in the American Atlantic Council, a think tank under NATO, “a war broke out” over an article about Russia. The council’s newsletter contained material in which experts argued that the U.S. should not focus on human rights in its relations with Russia and that democratization in Russia would not necessarily benefit U.S. foreign policy interests. Twenty-two Atlantic Council staffers and fellows have since issued condemnations of their colleagues.

Bloomberg earlier reported, citing sources, that U.S. leader Joe Biden’s administration is considering expelling Russian diplomats and imposing new sanctions in response to the hacking attacks and alleged election interference that Washington accuses Moscow of. Russia has repeatedly denied all of these accusations, calling them unsubstantiated.

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