Lawmakers have turned against Amazon

Lawmakers have turned against Amazon

More than 400 lawmakers from 34 countries supported the Make Amazon Pay campaign, which aims to increase salaries for retailer employees.

They signed a letter to Inc. boss Jeff Bezos claiming that the technology giant “has evaded and written off debts to workers, society and the planet.

The Make Amazon Pay campaign was launched on November 27, Black Friday, by a coalition of more than 50 organizations, with demands for better working conditions and wages for employees, as well as full tax transparency for the entire company.

“We encourage you to act decisively to change your policies and priorities to do the right thing with your employees, their communities and our planet. We are ready to act in our respective legislatures to support Amazon’s growing worldwide movement for fair pay,” it says.

Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, has previously faced criticism for its tax practices. Amazon disagrees with claims that the company accounts for less than 1 percent of the global retail market, and each country in which it operates has larger retailers. In addition, Jeff Bezos has personally earned over $80 billion during the pandemic.