Lead was found in the skeleton, which is 12 thousand years old

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have shown a link between the rate of production of metals and their impact on people

The research team examined human remains from a burial in central Italy, which were made about 12 thousand years.

The authors found that as lead production began and grew throughout the world, the human body literally absorbed it into itself.

The increase in the influence of lead is noted even among those people who were not involved in its production: they were just nearby and breathed toxic air.

The authors of the new work believe that the modern influence of lead on humans is no less and its production must be controlled, since lead is used in a number of popular products, such as:

solar panels
wind generators

As part of their study, the authors analyzed bone fragments of 130 people who lived in Rome 12 thousand years ago and up to the 17th century. Researchers were able to calculate the level of lead pollution: it matches the growth rate of world lead production.