Leading infectious disease specialist dispels WHO’s misconception about coronavirus transmission

11 months ago

Leading US infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci said the World Health Organization (WHO) is mistaken about the rare cases of asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus. It is reported by CNN.

Fauci dispelled WHO’s misconception regarding infection statistics for patients with different symptoms. He indicated that 25 to 45 percent of all those infected had no symptoms. Moreover, they most likely continue to actively infect others. Fauci concludes that there is no reason to talk about rare cases of asymptomatic transmission of the virus.

On the eve of June 9, WHO expert Maria Van Kerkkhov said that asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus rarely infect other people. The epidemiologist said that scientists doubt the possibility of transmitting the virus from infected people who have the disease without symptoms to healthy people. In her opinion, it is patients with pronounced symptoms that are most contagious.

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