Lego tests parts made from recycled plastic bottles

Lego has shown for the first time a prototype of parts made from recycled plastic bottles.

It is reported on the company’s website.

Lego has decided to produce such parts from recycled materials as part of its sustainability program. In this way, the company aims to make its production environmentally friendly.

“We want our products to have a positive impact on the planet not only by inspiring play, but also by the materials we use,” Lego said in a statement.

The technology for making the new “eco” parts is simple: plastic bottles are shredded to the size of pellets, which are combined with various additives. At high temperatures, the parts are shaped into the desired shape. It is noted that only one plastic bottle is needed to make 10 “bricks” of size 2×4.

It will take at least a year before such parts are available for sale, because they need to be tested.