Leonardo DiCaprio is shamed for being out of shape

On Tuesday, photos of Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) from the beach, made by paparazzi, flew all over the media. He was seen walking on the beach with friend Emil Hirsch in Malibu, California, both actors were shirtless. Such an appearance of a star “Survivor” was the reason for the attacks of viewers dissatisfied with his figure.

DiCaprio, 46, has been described in several publications as having a “father’s body”, which is defined by Urban Dictionary as a male body type “gently rounded”. Moreover, in the comments, disgruntled viewers called it “plump” “” flabby” and “requiring investment in support of the form”.

Celebrities are exposed to body shaming too often. However, it is usually female stars who face the brunt of Internet trolling, as Actresses ‘ data has been studied, criticized, and ridiculed for decades. But the reaction to DiCaprio’s beach body demonstrates that so-called body-shaming is definitely a reality for male celebrities, too. Previously, Ben Affleck, Chris Pratt, James Corden and even written beauties Zac Efron and Jason Momoa were also attacked.

Melissa George. Pereu, MD, medical Director and psychiatrist At The Loma Linda University center for behavioral medicine, noted that body-shaming happens to every type of person and regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation and affects the mental health of victims of attacks.