Levotolo volcano (VIDEO) woke up in Indonesia

Levotolo volcano (VIDEO) woke up in Indonesia

This volcano is located on the Lomblen Island in southern Indonesia. It has been inactive since 2012.

Volcano Levotolo, located on the Indonesian island of Lomblen (Lembata) in the south of the country, began to erupt on Sunday, .
The column of ash and smoke rose from the volcano vent to a height of about 4 km.

There have been no reports of destruction and casualties so far, but authorities have banned flights in this area of the country and closed the local airport.

“Residents are advised not to undertake any activity within a radius of four kilometers from the volcano crater,” – said the Geological Agency of Indonesia.

The authorities also warned about possible lava flows and introduced the penultimate level of response to the threat due to the situation.
Mass media remind that Indonesia, which is located in the seismically dangerous zone – the so-called Pacific volcanic fire ring, has about 130 active volcanoes.