LG stopped production of smartphones

3 weeks ago

LG Electronics plant in Hai Phong, Vietnam, which produced the majority of smartphones of the brand, has completely switched to the production of household appliances. It is reported that LG has already transferred some employees involved in the assembly and production of phones to other productions. By the end of July the company intends to transfer all smartphone assemblers to other positions.

Sources said that there shouldn’t be any major problems with the transition to home appliance production. Previously, the company already had production lines for televisions and other gadgets. The LG Hai Phong campus in Hai Phong was opened in 2015.

LG stopped production of smartphones

The company confirmed that support for smartphones will be available for up to three years after the sale of the devices, despite the shutdown of its mobile division. Flagship models will be supported for three years, budget devices – for one year. In particular, only in South Korea, consumers can apply to one of the 120 service centers for maintenance and repair.

LG announced on April 5 that it is going out of the smartphone business. The manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances said that the company will focus on the production of other equipment. Previously, it became known that the Korean manufacturer will close its mobile division at the end of March.

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