Libyan Observer: Saadi Gaddafi released from prison in Libya and went to Turkey

Saadi Gaddafi, one of the sons of the former ruler of Libya, left the country immediately after his release from prison and went to Turkey. Apparently, then he will go to Cairo, where his mother is, writes the Libyan Observer.

Saadi Gaddafi, born in 1973, was a professional footballer, in the season 2001/02 was the top scorer in the championship of Libya, and in 2003-2007 was a player of Italian clubs, but in their composition during this time has appeared on the field only twice. After his sports career he joined the Libyan armed forces, headed one of the Libyan commando units, worked in real estate and even tried himself as a Hollywood producer.

When the anti-government uprising began in Libya, Saadi advocated a speedy reconciliation with the opposition. His point of view was very different from his father’s, who repeatedly promised to suppress the protests, which, according to the dictator, were backed by al-Qaeda.

After Muammar Gaddafi’s regime was overthrown in 2011, he and his relatives were hunted. Saadi then fled to Niger, but was extradited to the new Libyan authorities in 2014.

Saadi was behind bars on charges of crimes against protesters in 2011 and the 2005 murder of Libyan soccer coach Bashir al-Rayani. In 2018, a court acquitted him of the murder charges. He was released from prison by court order in September 2021.