Like two drops. Two unfamiliar girls look like each other, like twin sisters

10 months ago

Girls with almost identical appearance accidentally met and madea a joint photoshoot

18-year-old singer Bianca Mihai from the city of Buzau (Romania) found out about her double – the 25-year-old Palestinian-Syrian model Lana Al Beyk – from a friend of the photographer. She was simply shocked by their resemblance.

Bianca and Lana got in touch on social networks and made an appointment. Brunettes went to the beach together and took a joint picture, in which they widely smile. They are very difficult to distinguish from each other.

“This is really something magical,” Bianca shared with The Sun. The girl admitted that her relatives even confused her with a stranger living in another country. “My parents showed photos of Lana to her grandmother, who said:“ Wow, where did you get them? How beautiful you are, Bianca, just amazing, ”laughs Mihai.

“Twins” agreed on a new meeting – now Lana will visit a new friend in Romania.

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