Lilly Wachowski doesn’t want Ilon Mask and Ivanka Trump to quote “The Matrix”

12 months ago

Film director Lilly Wachowski, one of the creators of the Matrix series, sharply criticized billionaire Ilona Mask and daughter of President Ivanka Trump for quoting the project’s characters on Twitter.

Tesla founder Elon Mask tweeted that people should “take the red pill”, while Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka retweeted with an enthusiastic “Copy!” comment. Back in 1999 the red pill was the key moment in the “Matrix”, when the main character of Neo is offered either to take the blue pill and forget about the Matrix, or take the red pill and reveal the truth about the world order. The Matrix was used by machines to enslave the entire human race.

Mask’s comment and Ivanka Trump’s approval were met with a short answer from director Lily Waczowski: “Go to hell, both of you”.

In the Internet language, “taking the red pill” has become a slang for accepting conservative political views.

Lily and Lana Waczowski (then Andy and Larry) released the first part of The Matrix in 1999. Lana is now making the fourth movie.

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