List of foods that make up for vitamin D deficiency

List of foods that make up for vitamin D deficiency

Nutritionists have listed foods that can make up for vitamin D deficiency.

The latter is essential for the correct functioning of a number of functions, and also helps to reduce the risk of coronavirus complications.

Researchers recently found that patients with severe COVID-19 have low levels of vitamin D in their bodies. It helped reduce the amount of the inflammatory marker in the blood, and also provided high levels of lymphocytes to enable them to cope more quickly with infections.

If a person does not get enough of this vitamin through walking in the sun, a proper diet should be followed to make up the deficit.

A high vitamin D content is found in mushrooms, which produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

The human body works in a similar way, the difference being that it generates D3 rather than D2.

In addition, nutritionists advise adding eggs to the diet and periodically including salmonid fish in your menu.

Vitamin D can be found in beef liver and dairy and fermented dairy products.