Lithium, Abuse, and Six Nurses. Britney Spears appeared in court for her custody case

Britney Spears has been under personal and financial custody for the past 13 years, according to a court order.

Pop star Britney Spears, 39, made her first personal plea in court to get out from under the custody of her father, who has controlled her concert activities and finances since 2008. She accused the guardians of pressure, abusive behavior and the use of intoxicating drugs.

“I’m traumatized. I’m miserable and I can’t sleep,” the pop singer said in court.

She said her father Jamie Spears “one hundred thousand percent adores the control” he gained over his daughter in a 2008 court order.

At Wednesday’s court hearing, Spears complained that her parents are “exploiting her life.”

“This custody is doing me far more harm than good. I deserve the right to my own life, I’ve worked all my life. I deserve a break of two or three years,” the pop star added.

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The court retained Britney Spears’ father as her guardian. Fans believe the singer is being held captive
Spears has made a number of other accusations against her parents and the court, which last November decided not to strip her father of custody.

“A lot has happened in two years. I didn’t go back to court because I didn’t feel I was heard,” she said.

Spears said the custody agreement put pressure on her to perform in Las Vegas in 2018. After she announced her sabbatical, Spears was started on lithium against her will, she claimed.

“It’s a strong medication. If you take it for more than five months, you can develop mental impairment. I felt like I was drunk, couldn’t talk to my mom or dad about anything. I had six different nurses watching me,” Britney Spears stated.

“My family didn’t do anything for me,” the singer added.

Spears also stated that she would like to get married and have a baby, but can’t even get pregnant the people who control her life forced the singer to put in an IUD.

There was a protest downtown during the hearing calling for Britney Spears’ demands to be met

The Los Angeles court hearing drew huge attention from the public.

Judge Brenda Pena banned the use of any gadgets and video recording in the courtroom. When Britney Spears started to make her statement over the phone, there were at least five live tweets from the courtroom with the slogan #FreeBritney (#FreeBritney). However, the judge soon interrupted them as well.

All the while, there were rallies outside the courthouse and downtown demanding that the singer be released from the shackles of custody.