Live WWE Raw blog (Sept. 26, 2022): Belair vs. SKY, Rollins vs. Mysterio

WWE Monday Night Raw returns to our lives tonight (Sept. 26, 20,22), from Rogers Place, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This show will feature all the latest builds for the Extreme Rules pay per view (PPV) set for Philadelphia in the early part of next month.

Tonight’s advertisement: Raw Women Champion Bianca Belair faces IYO SKY. This is a non-title match. Seth Rollins takes on Rey Mysterio one-on-one, while both are dealing with other issues. Sami Zayn has Solo Sikoa with him to the red brand to support him in a match against AJ Styles that they had set up via social media. All this and more!

You can come back right here at 8:15 p.m. ET, when the raw live blog starts once the show begins on USA Network. It will be below the line here.


It’s not easy to climb a mountain, but it’s much more difficult to descend. The party has gone dark and hungry faces surround me. This is just a liveblog of this pro wrestling show.

The intro video opens the show.

Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka make their entrances. After a recap of last weeks’ beatdown, they get on the microphone.

She said she thought about challenging Bayley tonight, but then remembered that it wouldn’t be just her and Bayley and that she wouldn’t accept the challenge on her own. Belair is a learner from her mistakes, and it’s not about being three-on-one again. Last week showed that Bayley cannot fight her battles on her own.

Bianca wishes her all the best in achieving her Extreme Rules title. Her girls will be watching her and making sure it stays between them.

Bayley makes her debut and states that Bianca was hand-picked to be a champion. However, she had to train herself since she was twelve years of age. Belair claims that nothing has been given to her, and that she is in the position she is because she was showing up while Bayley was rehabbing.

She is sorry that she was hurt but will not downplay her achievements to be able to meet her at her level. Bayley tells Bianca to follow the lead of everyone else. Bianca then points out that Bayley hasn’t been here for her current run and hasn’t seen her at her peak. She accuses Bianca of bringing Damage CTRL along.

Bayley believes she has a brilliant idea and wants to compete in Extreme Rules for the title in a ladder match.

Bianca accepts the offer and promises to go all out with her girl IYO tonight.

Bianca Belair vs. IYO SKY

We break with Belair by dropping the ball out of the gates!

We see Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn getting out of an SUV as we return to commercial.

Belair takes control of the raining hammerfists in the corner. Picking her up, SKY slips away. Bianca draws her up and ducks a lariat. Bianca then pulls her back up. Bianca looks for a tijeras, but the EST turns into a backbreaker! IYO covers for two with double knees in the corner.

The octopus and sunset flip follow it up when Bianca wriggles her arms. Belair takes a sidestep into the corner and charges in with a pounce. Big forearm, cover for two! Blocked Argentine backbreaker rack, go-behind, SKY elbows and slides her way through the ropes to get her off!

We go to break by running dropkick on our apron!

Belair returns from commercial with a series dropkicks. She whips at her, whips away at the corner, straight suplexes, roll through, delayed Vertical Suplex, cover… NOPE! Double chickenwing, IYO fights for the apron, two-for-one! Bianca is tripped while standing on her braid. She also gets a kick in the backhandspring.

Scoop and a slam! Back handspring moonsault connects again… NOPE! Backbreaker rack, SKY fights the apron, roundhouse kicke connects, and she climbs up for a diving Crossbody! Bianca rolls through and deadlifts her, connecting with a big fallaway slam, covering… STILL NO

Belair blocks Frankensteiner from the top of the turnbuckles. IYO then cuts her off with an avalanche elbow drag! Bianca cut her off by rolling her to the side, corner knees. She is thrown to the ground, and the rest of Damage CTRL stabilises her. Plancha connects to wipe her out!

Multiple Shotei, IYO, back in, springboard. Nobody home. Backbreaker rack.

Bianca Belair wins pinfall with KOD.

Rey Mysterio is interviewed backstage.

He believes that there is nothing better than holding your child and wanting to help them succeed in their lives. Although he will always love and support his son, he won’t fight him under any circumstances. But last week, he couldn’t believe the man he had become.

He knows that it’s not his son. Rhea Ripley is manipulating his mind and heart, but he cannot let that distract him from his goal. He must be his best tonight against Seth Rollins. He knows how savage he can be, and while he may have mercy on his flesh and blood, he will not spare Rollins.

So we break.

Miz speaks to a troop security guards, back from commercial.

He claims he has arranged a prize package of a million dollars for if they can keep Dexter Lumis out of the arena. He exhorts them with a MizCorps chant and they are off to their duty.

Seth Rollins, who makes his entrance, welcomes us to Monday Night Rollins.

He laments not being the United States Champion because of Matt Riddle. Last week, he thought Bobby Lashley was dead. But Riddle forced him to look at the ball for one second, and it cost him. It’s not his last loss, though, as they will be finishing their fight in the Fight Pit in two weeks at Extreme Rules.

Everyone thinks he isn’t a good candidate for the Fight Pit, but he went home to reflect and realized that he is Seth Freakin’ Rollins. It doesn’t matter how difficult the match may be; he has won all of them. Matt won’t have anything Matt has, but he does have one thing: an Einstein-level understanding of the fight game.

Although it’s his first fight in the pit, everyone will be singing his tune and calling him King of the Fight Pit. Riddle hopes Riddle is listening because he’s going to give Father of The Year Rey Mysterio what he deserves.

Rey Mysterio enters and attacks Rollins just before the bell rings to signal that it is time for us to go to bed.

Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins puts boots to Mysterio, and referee Eddie Orengo warns him. Seth then smears blood all over his forehead. He presses the attack, grinds him down, and a back suplex connects… Rey back in the action with a sunset flip slingshot for two!

Sidestep the charge by bending your elbows, whip into the corner and putting your hands in the air. Mounted punches are also allowed! Rollins fireman’s gutbuster, elbow up! Dominik throws Mysterio to the floor, and a QR code flashes. Then we break.

Rollins is back from commercial, straight suplex, another one, and another. Looking for the third amigo, Mysterio counters with a DDT! Rey climbs up, Seth takes control, Buckle Bomb is reversed and he becomes a Frankensteiner. Buckle bomb works again, and you can follow it up by a Falcon Arrow…NOPE!

Mysterio splashes on the floor, then back in. Cover for a nearfall! Shotgun dropkick, ducking the 619, to the floor diving Frankensteiner. Dominik again plays mind games and throws him an armchair, kneeling, and gives Rhea Ripley the chance to blast him from behind!

Seth returns inside and takes advantage of Blackout, following up…

Seth Rollins is victorious by submission with a Spider Twist.

Backstage, Matt Riddle talks with Bobby Lashley.

Lashley wishes him success tonight and draws on their shared MMA history to say that they know what it’s like at the Fight Pit but Seth Rollins doesn’t.

Panda Express is walking backstage and they come across a security guard. We break.

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