London advised to wait for tough Beijing response after Huawei ban

London should expect a tough reaction from Beijing after the UK’s refusal to cooperate with the Chinese company Huawei and against the background of other difficulties in relations with the PRC, writes the Daily Express, citing the opinion of Professor Steve Tsang.
“The Chinese government refrained from answering until a decision was made on Huawei. Now that everything has been decided, they will punish us for both the overseas citizens’ proposal and the Huawei case. Potentially, they can direct Huawei to stop the supply of all 5G elements, as well as spare parts for 3G and 4G networks, ”said Professor RT.

Tsang admitted that Beijing could put pressure on British companies in China or Hong Kong, begin to detain United Kingdom citizens, and also limit cooperation with British institutions. “Everything will depend on what they consider possible to sacrifice and what will cause us damage,” the expert explained.

“The British side used the theme of unreasonable risks as a pretext for cooperation with the United States, in violation of their respective obligations. No decisions and actions should be left without consequences, ”said earlier Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying.

We will remind, Britain refused to participate Huawei in 5G networks. UK carriers will not be able to purchase 5G equipment from Huawei from December 31st.

At the end of January, the British authorities allowed Huawei to be allowed to develop the 5G network in the country in a limited mode, the technologies of the Chinese company will not be allowed to the “sensitive” parts of the network related to national security.

The UK government later asked Japan to help build a 5G telecommunications network after phasing out Huawei equipment.