London’s narrowest house for sale

London's narrowest house for sale

The house is only 1.8m wide, making it the narrowest house in Britain.

In the capital of Great Britain, London, for sale is the narrowest house in the country. It is only two meters wide. Some time ago there was a store in this room, which sold hats. About this period reminds us of the window, which still exists, writes Euronews.

Now the house is radically renovated for ordinary life in it, if such a life can be called ordinary. All the same, the house is not very spacious, although it has five stories in height. However, it has everything you need for a comfortable life.

The real estate agent, David Myers, said that this building is interesting because it is unique and has no analogues. In London, there are a lot of houses, which have 5 floors, but there is no house with such a layout and incredible history.

About ten years ago, this house was bought for almost £600,000. But now, if you want it, you’ll have to pay almost twice that amount. Such a high price can be explained by individuality and a desire to embrace history, as for the amount of a million pounds in the capital of England you can get a house that is dozens of times larger in area.