Lukashenko warned Pompeo about the reaction of the Russian Federation to the “aggression of Poland”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said during talks with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo that Russia is Minsk’s main ally. He especially noted the support that Moscow is providing at the present time.

According to the Telegram channel “Pool of the First”, the Russian Federation does not interfere in the internal affairs of Belarus. He also warned that countries are ready to jointly respond to emerging external threats.

According to Lukashenko, in accordance with the treaty within the CSTO, in the event of external aggression from Poland, Lithuania or other countries, Belarus and Russia “will be forced to react.”

In response, Pompeo assured that such a threat should not be feared either from NATO, nor from Poland and Lithuania. According to him, it does not exist.

Pompeo also said that Washington is committed to the sovereignty and independence of Minsk, as well as the development of cooperation with the republic.