Mackenzie Scott gave $2.7 billion to charity

Mackenzie Scott, the former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, this week began giving $2.7 billion to hundreds of nonprofits that are “underfunded and neglected.”

Scott wrote in a post for Medium that she and her new husband Dan Jewett made the donations so the recipients could continue their work and also did so as a “signal of trust and support” to others. In her statement, she made it clear that she was concerned about the growing concentration of enormous wealth among a small fraction of people. She and Jewett worked with a group of philanthropic researchers and consultants “to give away the wealth made possible by systems in need of change.”

In 2020, Scott made two similar surprise announcements, donating a total of $6 billion to fight COVID-19, protect gender equality, and to colleges, universities, and other schools.

Scott’s fortune is estimated by Forbes at about $60 billion and is backed by a 4% -share in Amazon, which she received as a result of her divorce from Bezos. This time, Scott donated to 286 organizations. Recipients include Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, the Children’s Defense Fund, the Gender Shared Impact Fund, the non-governmental organization Jusoor, grantmaker NGOsource, the women’s support organization Rise Up and others.