Macron and Biden to discuss EU-US cooperation next week

French President Emmanuel Macron will call next week with Joseph Biden, who, according to the forecasts of the leading American media, won the US presidential elections. This was announced on Sunday by the Secretary of State for European Affairs at the French Foreign Ministry, Clement Bon.

“They crossed paths several times in the past, but now they have to get to know each other again in their current positions,” he said, answering a question from a CNews presenter about how well Macron and Biden know each other. “They will have a phone call early next week, which will mark the beginning of a long and lasting partnership.”

Bon noted that the United States is an important ally of France and all of Europe, and expressed the hope that relations between the two countries will only continue to improve with the arrival of Biden. In response to the presenter’s remark that Macron was one of the first, like a number of other EU leaders, to congratulate the candidate who announced his victory, the Secretary of State explained that “it was a coordinated European reaction” and that “countries welcomed this victory, expressing hope to improve American-European relations ”.

“We must admit that during the presidency of Donald Trump it was difficult, but we must maintain close ties in the field of security, trade and the fight against terrorism,” said Bon.

On Saturday night, Macron congratulated Biden on his election to the presidency of the United States. He said that there is a lot of work to be done by countries in order to overcome the current challenges and urged to work together. This came after leading American media reported that the Democratic presidential candidate was gaining the 270 electoral votes needed to win. Biden himself also announced his victory. Republican Trump, who competed with him in the elections, did not admit defeat, saying that the counting of votes could not be considered complete. The American leader also confirmed his intention to go to the courts, because, in his opinion, there were violations committed by the Democrats during the elections.

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