Macron delivered an ultimatum to Muslims in France

French President Emmanuel Macron and the country’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen have developed a plan to combat extremism.

According to the newspaper’s sources, at the meeting, politicians “pressed” on the representatives of the Muslim community, so that they would go to the demands of the authorities. It is noted that Macron and Darmanen delivered an ultimatum to Muslims: within two weeks they must “submit to the values ​​of the Republic in their faith.”

The charter provides for a ban on homeschooling, a requirement to treat criticism of Islam as an expression of free speech, and the recognition of French laws above Sharia (Muslim laws). In addition, Muslim organizations will not be able to receive funding from other countries. It is emphasized that these measures are primarily aimed at representatives of the Muslim community, but will be applied in relation to all groups of the population.

At the end of October, a series of armed attacks took place in France amid the conflict between President Emmanuel Macron and Muslim communities. In particular, on October 29, in Nice, in the Church of Notre-Dame-de-Nys, a knife attack was carried out by a native of Tunisia, Ibrahim al-Awisawi. The attack killed three people, while two of the victims had their throats cut. The attacker was wounded by the police during the arrest and was hospitalized. The previously unknown group “Al-Mahdi in the south of Tunisia” claimed responsibility for the incident.

The attack occurred 13 days after the beheading of a teacher in a suburb of Paris. The teacher Samuel Pati was watched by the college, killed and beheaded by 18-year-old Chechen Abdulakh Anzorov, who was later shot by the police. The reason for the murder was the teacher’s demonstration of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in the classroom at school.

French President Emmanuel Macron called the murder of the teacher a terrorist attack. According to him, Pati died for “teaching children freedom of speech, freedom to believe or not to believe,” the head of state also said about the “crisis of Islam.”

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