MAGA-March in Washington: 1 person seriously injured, 20 arrested

On Saturday, November 14, thousands of people, including members of the far-right groups Proud Boys and The Oath Keepers, took to the streets of Washington at MAGA March, organized by Trump supporters who are challenging the results of the presidential election.

The situation escalated when they faced counter-protesters and eventually turned violent.

According to NBC, after the march that started at Freedom Plaza and ended at the Supreme Court, a fight broke out between two large groups.

At least one person was injured as a result; he is in critical condition. There is also information about two policemen who were injured.

According to witnesses, the participants of the fight used batons and pushed each other. On the record from the scene it is visible as a counter protester – a woman who spoke in support of the Black Lives Matter – Trump supporters fell to the ground shouting “to hell with Antif”.

In another video, supporters of the 45th president were thrown fireworks and bottles while they were having lunch in a restaurant. After the fireworks exploded near where he was sitting, one man threw a chair back.

The police detained at least 20 people during the clashes. Four of them were arrested for violating firearm regulations, two for assault, one for assaulting a policeman and two for hooliganism.

It is not yet clear who the arrested men supported, but Trump has already drawn conclusions in his Twitter account, saying that the “anti-fascist bastard” attacked “innocent MAGA supporters. “Washington police, do your job! – he wrote: “You can’t give weakness”.

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