Majority of Americans said they trust the results of the presidential election

Majority of Americans said they trust the results of the presidential election

A majority of U.S. residents – 61% – trust the results of the 2020 presidential election, according to a poll conducted by U.S. National Public Radio and the PBS television channel.

Thirty-four percent of respondents said they did not trust the results of the election, according to which Democratic candidate Joe Biden won. Supporters of the Republican Party were the most skeptical, with 72% of Republicans doubting the integrity of the election and 24% of respondents having no doubts. At the same time, 95 percent of Democrats and 67 percent of independents believe the election was fair.

The majority of respondents – 65% – believe that Republican incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump should hand over power to Biden, with the share of such thinking among Democrats reaching 93% and 75% among independent voters. Sixty-two percent of Republicans hold the opposite view.

The poll was conducted from Dec. 1 to 6 and included 1,065 U.S. adults, including 916 registered voters. The margin of error is 3.7 percentage points among all respondents and 4 percentage points among voters.

The U.S. presidential election was held Nov. 3. Based on the available data, the leading U.S. media announced the victory of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Biden himself also considers himself a winner, with many world leaders congratulating him on his election success.

Trump, who is seeking re-election, calls the election results rigged and disputes the voting results in several states.