Man who took doctor hostage in Austin was terminally ill

Man who took doctor hostage in Austin was terminally ill

The suspect who took a doctor hostage at Austin Children’s Hospital had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had “weeks to live,” police said.

The Texas man who entered the hospital, seized the doctor and killed both the hostage and himself after a 6-hour standoff with police was a pediatrician. He had recently been diagnosed with an incurable stage of cancer. He had recently applied for a volunteer position at the clinic.

Bharat Narumanchi, 43, entered the West 35th Street Children’s Hospital around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. At the entrance, he displayed a weapon and took five clinic staff members who were there. Neither patients nor parents were there Narumanchi “told the hostages to tie themselves up,” Austin police Lt. Jeff Greenwalt told reporters.

Four people were later able to escape or were released by Narumanchi before police arrived. Dr. Catherine Lindley Dodson “could not escape” and was the only remaining hostage. She was killed after Narumanchi committed suicide.

“A few hours later, when the SWAT team was able to look inside to see that both were already dead,” Greenwalt noted.