Manipulations of stores that make us spend more

Manipulations of stores that make us spend more

Pleasant music on the background increases the chances of the buyer to spend more time and money in the store.

Probably it happened that, tired after work, go to the store for eggs and milk, and these products are in the far corner of the store. Here are some tricks of supermarkets that make us spend more money on shopping.

Confusion for customers

Have you ever wondered why the products that we most often buy together do not put close to each other? Because supermarkets want us to look for them, immediately making impulsive purchases.

Trick with the price

Every time you see two items for the price of one, the store tries to make you think you are saving money. It turns out that this tactic really works.

High priced products are placed at eye level.

Stores put expensive goods at eye level in easily accessible places. Conversely, cheaper products are placed in places that are difficult to access. The same method is used for children. Kinderas put it at eye level for children to ask them to buy it.

Huge carts

Studies have shown that the large size of the cart means that customers buy 40% more unwanted goods. This is the reason why the size of carts in markets only increases.


The research confirmed that pleasant music on the background increases the chances of the buyer to spend more time and money in the store. Music should be slower to feel more relaxed and move slower.

Dairy products and eggs away from the entrance

You know that these 2 products are the most popular category, as a rule, they are located far from the entrance to the store.

This is because the store wants you to pass a few more shelves with the right goods and take something from there.

A game with our feelings

The smell of freshly baked bread and other delicious food makes you always feel hungry.

It tempts you to buy more products than you would have bought in any other case. Also, fresh fruits and vegetables are usually placed near the entrance. The color combined with the smell makes us do impulsive shopping.

Narrowing the aisles past the cash register

Lines near the cash register are also a marketing move, while you are standing in line, spending your time, of course, you will not return unnecessary goods so as not to lose the queue.

Special tiles on the floor

Small tiles make the basket make strange sounds and shiver, which makes you slow down, as it is said before – a slower move equals more shopping.

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