Mariners botch blood Penance, lose 4-3

It’s no exaggeration to declare that I am angry. Not because of the outcome, which might seem like a bad decision, but due to the process of getting there.

Good Vibes

JULIOOOOOOOOOOO is back and Julio made himself known this evening. and kicking off, Julio wasted no time getting from the IL.

It’s a cute little single in the middle. It’s not anything special. The only thing that stands out is the velocity at which you exit. 110.1 mph right off the bat. I love watching Julio hit. The way he spins his whole body and then put everything in his swing is awe-inspiring. Look at the way he follows through.

I believe this also aids in his speed. He’s nearly thrown out of the box, and when he stretches the right leg to grab himself up the ground, he’s running. This makes him speedy when he’s on small grounders such as this.

In his second chance to bat, he wasn’t hitting the ball nearly as in the same way (78.5 mph) however he was able to make sure it was precisely where it should be in order to maximize the Tigers position and their ability.

In our last JULIOOOOO in the caps, this player hit this double to bring in the final M’s game for the game. With an eagle, a flare, as well as a line drive it only took the fly ball to take them all. Whatever the outcome, a run is just as effective.

On the other side of positive news, I’d like to talk about Matthew Boyd’s performance tonight. Due to the double header scheduled for tomorrow, Scott did not want to utilize a lot of arms today. Therefore, Boyd was assigned three innings of work and then he pushed.

Five strikeouts, 1 walk, zero hits in the three-inning span is a perfect score in a situation like this. He achieved this feat using an extremely simple approach, but one that did the trick using middle sliders, high-flying fastballs and low changes. The changeup was particularly effective for generating swings, regardless of whether the pitch tracker made appearances lower than bar that is used to make a limbo at an event with contortionists.

After Boyd’s interview on Friday when the M’s shattered The Drought and with his performance tonight, I truly wish he made the roster for the playoffs. I believe he’s deserving of it.

Bad Vibes

Don’t be awestruck, ye who are here. We must think about what we can learn from the game of baseball between two teams: the Seattle Mariners and the Detroit Tigers.

The first reason is that the Mariners have lost. This is a bummer. What’s worse is that Rays also lost. Rays were also beaten, and this didn’t aid the M’s in getting to the WC3 position so that they could take on Cleveland but not Toronto because Toronto won. Jays won the WC1 spot this evening.

Then, (in the softest whisper that you could ever picture) George Kirby wasn’t that amazing today. I realize we love him who we love however, he had an uneasy time.

We can accept the run in the first inning that was the result of a looking eye ground ball, and appeared to be a chance. We also can accept the walks. George typically excels in keeping walks to a minimum or throwing strikes, as well as keeping runners off the base however today, he could not control. Six hits and three walks in four innings isn’t exactly great however it doesn’t feel like the norm.

It’s more difficult to forgive the six hard-hit balls he surrendered today. In some way it seems that the Tigers particularly Javier Baez and Akil Baddoo beat him. It’s a bit worry going towards the playoffs.

The most alarming thing is what occurred to Sam Haggerty in the bottom of the ninth. With one run to go and determined to win this Game, Haggerty took off to swipe second, which he accomplished by over a mile. However, he slipped his leg on the slide and was forced to be lifted out of the way.

It’s so painful. Haggerty’s speed was designed to help him in the playoffs. If the injury is serious the loss of him could be a major and devastating blow for the M’s. The patient will undergo an MRI on Monday morning. Fingers crossed.

It seems the baseball gods have decreed that there is only room for one speedy outfielder at a time on the M’s roster, and Julio’s triumphant return must be met with the sacrifice of Haggerty. It’s brutal, callous, and downright cruel. That’s baseball, I guess.

However, I’m not all doomsday now. One thing we can be certain about this Mariners team is that they are adaptable. They take on the (sometimes literally) punches. Remember the time when three players from the team’s main players were suspended, and they then took 14 wins in one go?

The team has ended the drought They are able to do anything, and with anyone.

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