Mars is closest to Earth in 15 years

This week Mars will approach Earth at its most significant distance in 15 years.

Mars, our second closest space neighbor, is getting closer. This week it will be only 54.6 million kilometers away from us. This is the shortest distance in 15 years – lovers of the starry sky are now advised to look up to the sky, since the Red Planet will be larger, brighter and easier to observe through a telescope.

Astrophysicists say that Mars is now in an area of ​​the sky with very few stars, and with a lot of luck you can also catch Jupiter and Saturn shining brightly closer to the horizon.

Mars and Earth are in slightly elliptical orbits, which means they can sometimes get very close to each other. The previous closest approach fell in 2003, when the planets were separated by 55.7 million kilometers.