Mars rover captures mother-of-pearl clouds

3 weeks ago

Mars rover Curiosity captured on Mars shining pearly clouds.

The photos were taken in early March 2021. The images show thin clouds located at an unusual height for Mars. According to scientists, they consist of dry ice. As explained by NASA, the pearlescent glow is caused by ice crystals that scatter light from the setting Sun.

The red planet has a thin and dry atmosphere, so unlike Earth, it doesn’t have many cloudy days. Clouds tend to appear in the sky above the equator when the planet is farthest from the Sun. However, two years ago, scientists noticed that the clouds appeared earlier and higher than expected. Therefore, the rover was instructed to look for similar early occurrences. Scientists hope that the images will help to better understand the formation of clouds on Mars.

Mars rover captures mother-of-pearl clouds

Earlier, users of the network saw a rainbow in a photo taken by the rover Perseverance. As explained by NASA, the visible arc is a flash from a lens.