McDonald’s employees have declared an indefinite strike in the U.S.

11 months ago

Hundreds of McDonald’s employees in 20 American cities went on strike on May 20, when the company’s annual shareholders meeting was held. Employees are demanding better protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. They will not return to their jobs until the company changes its attitude towards its employees. A union organization representing McDonald’s employees said dozens of people in at least 17 states were infected with coronavirus. According to a recent survey of restaurant staff (800 people), 46% of employees came to work despite feeling unwell, fearing disciplinary action or punishment. Another 42% noted that the company did not provide employees with protective masks and gloves.

The strike was supported by the International Service Workers Union. “It’s a matter of choice. McDonald’s can do the right thing and protect its employees, or it can stay away. It’s a company choice, no more,” said union chairperson Mary Kay Henry. The company, in turn, challenges the employees’ claims, but they do not represent McDonald’s 850,000 employees across the country. The management called the strike a “PR trick” of the organizers, arranged at a strategically important moment. As “Solidarity” said earlier, a protest rally of the customs service has started in Poland. The largest union of Polish customs officers demanded the promised full salary increases. The trade union is outraged by the fact that the increase in wages of customs officers is divided into several stages, and they will be able to get funds no earlier than June 10.

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