McGregor announces retirement again

11 months ago

Irish fighter for the third time in four years announces retirement

Conor McGregor once again announced his retirement
On June 7, the Irishman’s Twitter again gave occasion to newsmen across the planet. 31-year-old McGregor said he decided to quit mixed martial arts (MMA). The fighter thanked the fans for the memories and accompanied the publication with a joint photo with his mother: the picture was taken in Las Vegas after winning the title of champion of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC).

The Irishman explained the decision with a loss of interest in the battles
A little later, McGregor spoke about the reasons for his decision. According to him, MMA no longer excite him. “Around is vanity, but nothing really happens,” Conor said. In addition, the Irishman could not find a standing rival for himself: “There is generally no option that would excite me.”

McGregor’s decision did not surprise UFC head
UFC President Dana White, apparently, learned about McGregor’s decision during the UFC 250 tournament. At a press conference after the event, the functionary admitted that he was not surprised by the behavior of the Irish fighter. “This is Conor. He does that, ”added White. The head of the promotion has enough headaches: the best fighter of the organization, John Jones, made a demarche. After a few harsh comments on Twitter, where an American complained about the organization’s underpayment, Jones publicly denied the UFC light heavyweight belt. And after that, another powerful asset of the organization Jorge Masvidal asked to release him from the contract. The reason is the same – the athlete is not satisfied with the size of the salary.

McGregor has accepted the challenge of former UFC champion Anderson Silva
Thanks to Twitter, the Irishman attracted the attention of 45-year-old veteran promotion Anderson Silva. McGregor published his top of the UFC fighters, generously losing first place to the eminent Brazilian. He immediately challenged Conor to a duel. The Irishman eagerly accepted Silva’s offer. The fighters initiative did not impress the UFC match makers. White did not share the enthusiasm of Silva and McGregor. “This is not the fight we are interested in now,” the promoter snapped. Perhaps the boss’s reluctance to meet him on this issue was the reason for the next termination of McGregor’s career.

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