Media: China rehearses invasion of Taiwan

Media: China rehearses invasion of Taiwan

Tanks and soldiers of China’s ground troops conducted a large-scale exercise in urban combat.

According to experts, the Chinese military are practicing the scenario of a planned invasion of Taiwan. This is reported by Newsweek referring to China’s state channel CCTV.

It is noted that the video has become a rare demonstration of how the Chinese main tank Type 96A demonstrates itself in close to combat conditions.

The exercise was held in the city of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province in the east of the country. Together with the 73rd Group Army, which is based in Nanjing, the 72nd Army is, according to Taiwanese military analysts, the main invasion force of the People’s Liberation Army of China. Both formations are subordinate to the Eastern Front Command.

“Taiwanese military intelligence is well aware of all Chinese troop deployments and mobilizations. The Chinese Communist Party has never stopped its verbal and military threats. Taiwan’s army will continue to improve its defensive capabilities,” said Taiwan Defense Ministry spokesman Alan Shi.