Media found out where Vin Diesel will be sent to Fast and Furious 9

According to the actor and rapper Ludakris, who participated in the filming of the film, the action of “Fast and the Furious 9” partially unfolds in space, reports The Independent.

During an interview with him on SiriusXM radio, presenter Julia Cunningham began to talk about where the franchise was going: “I don’t know what will be done to surprise us. Space, submarines … I can’t imagine what will happen in the next film.”

Ludacris, who played the role of Tedge mechanic, replied that in her guesses she was close to the truth: “You just said something very important. I think you have great intuition because you guessed something, but I won’t say anything else “

The presenter repeated her idea, but Ludacris refused to provide additional details.

Earlier, the script writer Chris Morgan also hinted that the heroes of the franchise may be in space.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Univeresal postponed the premiere of “Fast and the Furious 9”, it is planned that it will take place on April 2, 2021.