Media giant Axel Springer: If you’re against Israel, look for a new job

Employees of German media giant Axel Springer who are unhappy that an Israeli flag is flying near the company’s headquarters in Berlin may look for a new job.

The company’s CEO, Matthias Depfner, said this at a meeting with employees from around the world.

“I think, and I’m very frank with you, a person who has a problem with the Israeli flag raised here after the anti-Semitic demonstrations should look for a new job,” Depfner said.

In response to statements from employees not wanting to work for a company that supports Israel, Depfner replied, “This is a good point. It means that the person in question doesn’t fit the company and its values.”

Earlier, Axel Springer’s CEO decided to support the Jewish people and raise the flag of Israel after numerous Palestinian anti-Israel demonstrations to show that the company does not support aggressive anti-Semitic movements.

It is worth mentioning that Axel Springer owns such well-known publications in Germany and worldwide as Bild, Die Welt, Business Insider and the Israeli classifieds website Yad2 and others.