Media: Russian intelligence agents could have been involved in the storming of the Capitol

Media: Russian intelligence agents could have been involved in the storming of the Capitol

Experts have found many associations between protests that have taken place in various years in countries around the world.
Analysts do not rule out that Russian intelligence agents could have taken part in the storming of the Capitol, igtds reported.

The material says that the riots in the United States, organized by Trump supporters, could have taken place with the participation of fighters associated with Russian military intelligence. This is also evidenced by photo and video materials studied by experts.

In particular, the IGTDS experts emphasized that the tactics used during the storming of the American Parliament were similar to those used by the Russians during the “yellow vests” protests held in France, as well as by supporters of Catalan independence.

To do this, they introduced their own people into the crowds of protesters, helping to escalate the conflict and further inflame the protests, assisting in the seizure of public facilities.

Moreover, the storming of the Capitol is very similar to the tactics used by the Russian secret services during the seizure of the parliament in Crimea and state institutions in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

IGTDS noted that riots and protests abroad are used by the Kremlin as disguised measures of influence. This involves not only infiltrating its people into the ranks of protesters, but also active agitation and the popularization of conspiracy theories.

For example, in 2016 members of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation, disguised as local nationalists, took part in an attempted coup d’etat in Montenegro. In 2017, there were discussions between Russian representatives and supporters of Catalan independence about the participation of thousands of Russian fighters.

The article also suggests that the Russians may have provoked the protesters at the Capitol to take more action. In one of the videos posted on the Internet one can hear calls in Russian: “Courage, courage!”

IGTDS did not rule out the introduction of wiretaps in the Capitol premises after the protests, as well as discrediting the computer network and leaking documents.

The material pointed out the similarity between the September 11 attacks and Russian participation in the protests in the U.S., which are equated with acts of terrorism. For this reason, the new White House administration will prioritize recognizing the Russian Federation as a sponsor of terrorism, tightening sanctions against it, as well as restoring the international image of the United States as a state.