Media: US sent two carrier groups to the South China Sea

Two carrier strike groups, led by the warships Ronald Reagan and Nimitz, were sent to the South China Sea. It is reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The publication notes that there are currently being held exercises of the naval forces of China.

“The goal is to show an unequivocal signal to our partners and allies that we are committed to regional security and stability,” RIA Novosti quoted Rear Admiral George Wicoff as saying.

Wikoff emphasized that American exercises are not an answer to Chinese. Where exactly in the South China Sea they will be held, he did not tell. However, Rear Admiral added that “Beijing’s growing military self-confidence justifies the US naval presence.”

Previously, the Pentagon expressed concern about China’s maneuvers. The US Department of Defense called the exercises counterproductive for efforts to reduce tensions and maintain stability in the region. ■