Medics explained how to cope with alcohol addiction

Scientists conducted an experiment that showed that light exposure can help in the treatment of alcohol addiction.

Experts from the University of Buffalo conducted a study involving rodents. The rodents were trained for alcohol, but with the help of light the scientists managed to provoke neuronal stimulation and activate the alcohol control system.

Scientists explain this effect of light by optogenetics. Light has an effect on brain areas, releasing dopamine. The process leads to a change in behavior.

Stimulation of dopamine neurons helps to abstain from alcohol even after the end of the stimulation process.

Experts believe that light will help discover a new way to treat alcoholism, as well as diseases of the nervous system and the human psyche.

Recall that scientists from the Australian Center for Precise Health Care at the University of South Australia found that depression is the cause of 22 different diseases. As noted, depression causes coronary heart disease, asthma, esophagitis, gastroenteritis and urinary system disorders. This is the conclusion reached by the study of data from 337,536 people using genetic analysis (MR-PheWAS-analysis).

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